I am seeking seekers

I am calling out to those who feel the pull towards something much bigger than themselves. Those who are ready to express their greatness on a global scale. This goes beyond mere goal accomplishment and ventures into your reason for being. This pull does not always feel welcome or comfortable. In fact, you may be overtly resistant to step into your full power. But step you must. And, if you must then you can. In the archetypal hero’s journey, the hero goes on a quest in service of others, faces great adversity and returns profoundly transformed in the process. Joseph Campbell was the source of this description and he is famous for saying “follow your bliss”. Your heart sets the course towards bliss and your head helps you get there. Consider that the only way for you to access your bliss is to do what you came here to do by bringing your gifts into reality. The world needs "level 7" leaders like you. The time is now.

There will only ever be 12 spots available

The Hero’s Journey

Darkness doesn’t drive out darkness, only light can do that. This is about creating a purpose-driven reality. Your impact could be in any sector from business to finance to agriculture to entertainment…and beyond. Once all 12 spots are filled, no more will be available. The investment is $100,000 per year, paid upfront. You are responsible for yourself, for showing up, taking action, tearing down and building up. In the circle of 12, you will have access to everything I have on a regular basis to empower you to be reborn into the hero that you are. This includes 3 hours of 1:1 time per month along with at least one hour of the very newest teaching per quarter along with specialized reading programs and access to material not accessible to anyone outside this circle. It also includes access to the full library of digital content and quarterly GOC calls and exclusive evening events with special guests. Basically, you will have access to everything I’ve got. You will be held accountable, pushed beyond your perceived limits, stretched, challenged, and supported into the revelation of the full force of your greatness. This will not be easy but it will be wholly worth it. It’s time to reveal the greatness within and make your mark. It’s time to master values level 7. Raise your hand if you feel the pull. 

Meet Gina Mollicone-Long

Gina is one of the most highly trained success coaches in the world in mechanistic models of performance. Academically trained in engineering, philosophy and the intersection of science and spirit, Gina brings a wealth of knowledge and information to her process. Extensively trained in modern and ancient performance techniques, Gina aggregates their teachings and shows people how to make powerful transformations. Gifted in rapport, connection and language, Gina cuts to the core of your reality and empowers you to engineer a new one.

She is a global expert in NLP holding the highly specialized Master Trainer board certification from the ABNLP. She is also a board-certified Master Trainer of Hypnosis from the ABH which is the highest qualification in the field of hypnotherapy. She also holds board certifications as a Trainer of the Master level from the Time Line Therapy® Association as well as a Master Coaching Trainer from the ABNLP. She is a certified trainer from the HeartMath Institute with expertise in creating resilience in both individuals and groups. She is a full initiate and a certified trainer in the ancient Hawaiian practice of Huna and studies many other ancient technologies designed to help you break through any obstacles. Gina is obsessed with the intersection of mind and matter. Her specialty is distilling all of these techniques in a way that is extremely relevant to entrepreneurs, leaders and seekers. Gina brings it all to the table for you.

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