If you knew how to get to the next level then you’d already be there

Give me about 11 hours and we will eliminate what prevents you from sustaining your highest level of performance.

There are only two pre-conditions required to breakthrough to the next level.

1. You must have a burning desire.

2. You must be willing to give it what it takes.

WARNING – this work is not for everyone. This is for A-level, peak performers who genuinely desire to move to the next level. This is not for those people who “want to want” to move to the next level. This is not for people who want to talk about it. This is not for posers. This is for game changers who want a breakthrough and are willing to do what it takes to get there. This is for people who are sick and tired of being stuck looking at the next level but unable to find the path to achieve it. The breakthrough process will unlock 100% of your greatness. Instantaneous change is 100% possible as long as there is desire for change and willingness to do what it takes. 


I CaN HELP you

I specialize in helping you break through ANY obstacle. My meticulous breakthrough process called the ACME system rests on a solid academic foundation in engineering and process design. ACME stands for Accelerated Change Mechanisms of Excellence meaning that you breakthrough faster and with less effort by going through this process than if you do it on your own.

The dictionary defines “BREAKTHROUGH” as:

Productive Insights

Penetration of Barriers

Important Discoveries




Breakthroughs happen when you recognize that you are more energy than matter

You must contact Gina directly to see if you qualify for a breakthrough session. Gina has a highly refined process for selecting her clients. Charges for a breakthrough are $3000USD per hour and the average breakthrough takes about 11 hours.

Meet Gina Mollicone-Long

Gina is one of the most highly trained success coaches in the world in mechanistic models of performance. Academically trained in engineering, philosophy and the intersection of science and spirit, Gina brings a wealth of knowledge and information to her process. Extensively trained in modern and ancient performance techniques, Gina aggregates their teachings and shows people how to make powerful transformations. Gifted in rapport, connection and language, Gina cuts to the core of your reality and empowers you to engineer a new one.

She is a global expert in NLP holding the highly specialized Master Trainer board certification from the ABNLP. She is also a board-certified Master Trainer of Hypnosis from the ABH which is the highest qualification in the field of hypnotherapy. She also holds board certifications as a Trainer of the Master level from the Time Line Therapy® Association as well as a Master Coaching Trainer from the ABNLP. She is a certified trainer from the HeartMath Institute with expertise in creating resilience in both individuals and groups. She is a full initiate and a certified trainer in the ancient Hawaiian practice of Huna and studies many other ancient technologies designed to help you break through any obstacles. Gina is obsessed with the intersection of mind and matter. Her specialty is distilling all of these techniques in a way that is extremely relevant to entrepreneurs, leaders and seekers. Gina brings it all to the table for you.

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